Cool Places I Get To Work with Cool People

So there are defiantly creative people I get to work for, if you don’t believe me check out my Clients page on my web site, but this project is all about location location location, well maybe not, there is a master mind behind this work too.  I’m currently working with Chuck from AllGoSigns DIY Art, Music, and Performance Collective and this is the time of year where he gets to spread his creative wings all under the Detroit Superior Bridge.  If you have never been to Ingenuity Festival since they moved out of downtown and under the bridge then make this your first year to attend, the location is awesome, the art is inspiring, and Chuck designs one hell of a show.  So what am I doing there, hanging, focusing, and designing lighting for the artists and the space.  This abandoned rail car line under the bridge is only open by appointment or for this festival, so it’s worth a visit just to see some of what is below the streets in Cleveland, I mean you can stand on a catwalk 110+ feet over the river…how many times will you get that opportunity?  This place is just bad ass alone but with some creative lighting and artists moving in for a 3 day weekend prepare to be blown away.

IngenuityFest 2011: September 16, 17, & 18th



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