The First Post

I have started this blog as a place to keep customers and friends informed about and the happenings in the art community we are all a part of.  Feel free to subscribe via email, look for the posts on facebook, or bookmark it and check back often.   I have had an incredible summer so far with my traveling and have been involved in some outstanding projects.  I look forward to an awesome year in the studio.

Matthew Fehrmann

My mobil office for 70 days, “Top of the World Highway” Yukon


One thought on “The First Post

  1. Blog looks great. What a cool trip. It was a blast to have the chance to hang with you for that much time. Can’t wait to do it again.

    BTW, Great pic. 😉 I must have picked up a few tips…. or just had a lucky finger with your awesome camera.

    Until the next Adventure…. Safe travels. Craig

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